Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Two of a kind ;Converse

I found a pair of converse in my cousin's box... I find them amazing  because they look like a pair of gray converse in another pair red converse .

I love how the shoe strings are well detailed  with the white string blending into the grey part and the red blend with red
 I tried styling it up by folding it into the grey to the same level as the red...............
.......but i was kind of an epic the material was a bit to though ... but that been said it didnt come out ultimately that bad, plus these sneakers are really cool.


  1. These shoes Rawesommee !!
    Gimmee ! ;P

  2. OMG I WANT!!!!!! Black n Ash ;) I'm going on a hunt for one of these....
    I am LOVIN' ur pics btw....just sayin..