Friday, 23 July 2010

Latest Crush : the speedy in Epi!!!


Okay, i love Louis Vuittion but  i have a strong unlikeness  for the the Speedy because it seems like that's the only bag anyone around me seem to be carrying and the fact that it shouts "LV" all over just makes me think commercialism not beauty and craftsmanship. But!!! while i was in search for the perfect school bag for next year(if i could afford it) i came a across a different kind of speedy.

It is the Louis Vuitton Speedy in Epi Material
This to me is the speedy in its true beauty, it doesn't say " look at me i have a Louis Vuittion bag, i am very cool!! " but it still makes a statement and fact that it's in epi, which means the that it would most likely last longer than other Speedys due to the strength and durability of epi leather, it would set you a long way.... .....So far, i have only seen it in black but i would  love to see it in yellow, or a maple brown and if the "LV" stamp is necessary, one at both sides of the pocket would do the trick.... That being said i love how the bag is all black and little things like the zip, lock and the hinge for the handle and finished in gold....(joys of craftsmanship).....If you were wondering the bag cost about £600-700....expensive yes!! but it is so worth it.

Photo source ;Just like a true star

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