Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Men's Fashion Weeks.........so far!!!

Men spring fashion week 2011 started last week and most of the Milan designers have premiered their collection... these are bits and bobs of the looks i really liked.

                     1                        2                                  3                         4                             5


                     1                                         2                                   3                                      4
Alexander Mqueen
                                  1                                        2                                                      3
Calvin Klein
                                                        1                                              2

My top 5 look are:

First and foremost Burberry (5) has the cake for me...it is The warrior biker jacket... I apologize for my bad quality image above but when i saw it come down the runway i was literally jumping up and down ....I  was temped to buy it online after the show but unfortunately it was way out of my price range and my father is  not the richest man alive........... it is defiantly  by far the best thing I have seen in a while.

The next thing is the McQueen (1), just  because he made skinny cargo like pant which were above the ankles... and it was accompanied with a blazer that look like something i would steal/borrow from my grandfather closet....plus the velvet socks are so cute

Third has to be Prada (4) and it is just mainly the way the sweater sit on the man. as oppose to the normal v-neck or turtle neck sweaters  and the fact that the shoes are double soled.

Forth is the the Calvin Klein (2). because it reinvents the over-size short sleeves and they played with it by giving it a half top....with the the name being partially cropped out ....i 'd definitely buy that.

For the fifth, I had a hard time choosing between the Gucci(1) and the McQueen (3)...mainly because they were both sweater looks but i ended going with Gucci. mainly because the look, unlike every other looks of Gucci ,does not promote the skinny males that they is always push.


Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Gift From Saudi Arabia

A few months ago, my mother sent me this bag from Saudi. the original bag  was intended to be the Louis Vuitton Davis bag but...i think they ran out so she sent me this instead..... I put it away for a while ,because i was not totally in love with it. Until last week when  i came across it again.........

I took off the handle and wrapped it around the bag. it is a bit small so i decided i was going to carry like a clutch....which proves quite effective for me.

I have to say the craftsmanship gone into this bag is wonderful. from the material and the the thickness of the leather to the way the stitches are sown in an inconspicuous manner

The name on the bag is 'Ouyer' i have been on google for the past three days in search of the designer and I came up with nothing....I just take is as one of those wonderful mysteries of fashion that i know nothing about....hopefully when next i go to Saudi my mum and i would defiantly go back to this shop.
until next time darling...xxxx Kisses xxx