Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Test Shots

I recently just started taking photography class professionally, it was just a hobby i did  previously. I was asked to come and take photos for a schools in north England 's boarding sport competitions in rugby and football and although i got some great shot of the sports in action... the true beauty for me were the people and their emotions towards the sport.


I love the Auto focus on my camera made the spectator the priority while ,while there is still a vivid portrayal of the free kick .

The rugby match was more aggressive ....sadly i am was not allowed to show the more aggressive pictures for the school legal reasons

 The Environment;
The mind of a pregnant lady

A mother Cheering for her son

The Only Child: I found this really interesting because he was just sat there playing with himself

The act of Sportsmanship.

My photographs are hugely inspired by Pascal Grob, in which he photographs most of his pictures in black and white and also capture spontaneous and impromptu pictures.



  1. Kike Olajumoke8 July 2010 at 19:20

    OMG!! What camera do you use??..Just this morning,they totally ditched our photography class for next semester..*mschew*..i SERIOUSLY DOUBT i'm going to wait that long...theres SO much 2 capture this i want 2 add pictures 2 my art school portfolio...i'll probably take classes out of school...Theres this guy whose a "friend of dorothy" that gave me his card for classes,..but im concerned about the intensity(lol) of the programme...his works r quite explicit from what ive seen...and i dont think i'm brave enough to hit that angle yet...i want 2 start subtle..anyhu..u seem REALLY good with that lens...whaddaya use? price range?...thanks sweetie(ur pics r amazing btw..LOVE the monochrome)...Xx