Thursday, 23 December 2010

The End of freestyle fashions

Sorry guys, but freestyle fashions is coming to an end. BUT!

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Latest Crush : the speedy in Epi!!!


Okay, i love Louis Vuittion but  i have a strong unlikeness  for the the Speedy because it seems like that's the only bag anyone around me seem to be carrying and the fact that it shouts "LV" all over just makes me think commercialism not beauty and craftsmanship. But!!! while i was in search for the perfect school bag for next year(if i could afford it) i came a across a different kind of speedy.

It is the Louis Vuitton Speedy in Epi Material
This to me is the speedy in its true beauty, it doesn't say " look at me i have a Louis Vuittion bag, i am very cool!! " but it still makes a statement and fact that it's in epi, which means the that it would most likely last longer than other Speedys due to the strength and durability of epi leather, it would set you a long way.... .....So far, i have only seen it in black but i would  love to see it in yellow, or a maple brown and if the "LV" stamp is necessary, one at both sides of the pocket would do the trick.... That being said i love how the bag is all black and little things like the zip, lock and the hinge for the handle and finished in gold....(joys of craftsmanship).....If you were wondering the bag cost about £600-700....expensive yes!! but it is so worth it.

Photo source ;Just like a true star

Bye Bye

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Two of a kind ;Converse

I found a pair of converse in my cousin's box... I find them amazing  because they look like a pair of gray converse in another pair red converse .


Thanks to the wonderful weather we have been having in London, I managed to do my first photo spread of clothes and my point of view on male cousin came over and obliviously because he's more handsome and skinner than me, he was the perfect model

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando


 On my daily run through Fashion gone rogue i found a spread for the LA Times Magazine, which reminded me a lot of Degas's Miss La La painting(but obviously without the really acrobatic tongue movement)....

The spread was Modeled by Sasha Pivovarova and photographed by Solve Sundsbo

Thats all......xxXxx


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Latest Crush: Anna Dello Russo

So i just recently found out about this spectacular woman, Anna Dello Russo......and how unique her way of life is, so i made a 5 list must, of information that should be known about her.

1) She is the Editor at large and creative consultant of Vouge Nippon
2) She is Italian and frequently speak english
3) She has about 4000 pair of shoes
4) She wear her outfit exactly as it has been presented on the runway
5) She has got two apartments one for herself and one for her cloths

okay so maybe i am just generally in love with her attitude and approach toward fashion....but then again who wouldn't, she is so

The power of Flight

As part of my daily routine I normally go through fashion gone rogue for the latest in editorial and fashion campaigns ads......I saw these picture ages ago... what really intrigued me was the fact that all the poses done by Chanel Iman are done during flight(in the air)...i found it really cute and lady like...hehe

Hell have no fury like the Louis Vuitton and Chanel Clogs(right on both top and bottom)

Until next time sweeties...bye!!

Photo Sources


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Test Shots

I recently just started taking photography class professionally, it was just a hobby i did  previously. I was asked to come and take photos for a schools in north England 's boarding sport competitions in rugby and football and although i got some great shot of the sports in action... the true beauty for me were the people and their emotions towards the sport.


I love the Auto focus on my camera made the spectator the priority while ,while there is still a vivid portrayal of the free kick .

The rugby match was more aggressive ....sadly i am was not allowed to show the more aggressive pictures for the school legal reasons

 The Environment;
The mind of a pregnant lady

A mother Cheering for her son

The Only Child: I found this really interesting because he was just sat there playing with himself

The act of Sportsmanship.

My photographs are hugely inspired by Pascal Grob, in which he photographs most of his pictures in black and white and also capture spontaneous and impromptu pictures.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Men's Fashion far!!!

Men spring fashion week 2011 started last week and most of the Milan designers have premiered their collection... these are bits and bobs of the looks i really liked.

                     1                        2                                  3                         4                             5


                     1                                         2                                   3                                      4
Alexander Mqueen
                                  1                                        2                                                      3
Calvin Klein
                                                        1                                              2

My top 5 look are:

First and foremost Burberry (5) has the cake for is The warrior biker jacket... I apologize for my bad quality image above but when i saw it come down the runway i was literally jumping up and down ....I  was temped to buy it online after the show but unfortunately it was way out of my price range and my father is  not the richest man alive........... it is defiantly  by far the best thing I have seen in a while.

The next thing is the McQueen (1), just  because he made skinny cargo like pant which were above the ankles... and it was accompanied with a blazer that look like something i would steal/borrow from my grandfather the velvet socks are so cute

Third has to be Prada (4) and it is just mainly the way the sweater sit on the man. as oppose to the normal v-neck or turtle neck sweaters  and the fact that the shoes are double soled.

Forth is the the Calvin Klein (2). because it reinvents the over-size short sleeves and they played with it by giving it a half top....with the the name being partially cropped out ....i 'd definitely buy that.

For the fifth, I had a hard time choosing between the Gucci(1) and the McQueen (3)...mainly because they were both sweater looks but i ended going with Gucci. mainly because the look, unlike every other looks of Gucci ,does not promote the skinny males that they is always push.


Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Gift From Saudi Arabia

A few months ago, my mother sent me this bag from Saudi. the original bag  was intended to be the Louis Vuitton Davis bag but...i think they ran out so she sent me this instead..... I put it away for a while ,because i was not totally in love with it. Until last week when  i came across it again.........

I took off the handle and wrapped it around the bag. it is a bit small so i decided i was going to carry like a clutch....which proves quite effective for me.

I have to say the craftsmanship gone into this bag is wonderful. from the material and the the thickness of the leather to the way the stitches are sown in an inconspicuous manner

The name on the bag is 'Ouyer' i have been on google for the past three days in search of the designer and I came up with nothing....I just take is as one of those wonderful mysteries of fashion that i know nothing about....hopefully when next i go to Saudi my mum and i would defiantly go back to this shop.
until next time darling...xxxx Kisses xxx